Friday, 24 February 2017

Girls Pitch Up and Play at Stourton Park

Sleet, mud and smiles as the

Girls take over Stourton Park.

The afternoon of Sunday 12th February may have been freezing cold and the pitches muddy, but there was so much enthusiasm, smiles and tackles from the 35 girls who attended the most recent Girls Pitch Up and Play at Stourbridge RFC.

Girls from six rugby clubs from as far apart as Oswestry and Worcester as well as some girls currently not playing club rugby had a great session developing from tag rugby into full contact.

These Pitch Up and Play sessions give clubs with smaller numbers of girls a fantastic opportunity to train with larger numbers and then to put skills learned into small contact development games. It was so good to see and hear so many girls enjoying rugby and the way they threw themselves into the game situations certainly gave some of the volunteer coaches who had never coached girls before a surprise!

Stourbridge Girls certainly get a lot out of these events both in terms of skills, game play and friendship and we are looking forward to the next one. If you have a daughter interested in playing rugby in years 7 to 10 we would welcome them with open arms.

Contact Nicki Spilman for further details.

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